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We are a very dedicated team of specialized and skilled architects, with the essential objective to strive for providing optimal customer satisfaction. Our clients and their preferences, their contentment over our project completion is what we have always aimed to achieve. We are a highly determined and focused team with gals of completing our projects not only productively with minimal wastages and setbacks but also include innovation and extreme creativity in each of the steps undertaken.

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Aesthetics also play a major role in our organizational vision. We work to include distinct aesthetic touches in our projects, an elegant edge that differentiates us from others and helps us establish a brand image for ourselves and hence, increase our loyal clientele. These unique edges and detailed thought processes are evident in all stages of the tasks we perform, including in even the drawings of the barest and most insignificant of the details.

Architecture heavily depends upon accuracy and preciseness in measurements. It also requires for extensive research that further costs a lot.

most comprehensive

However, our company aims to operate at the optimal level and so it tries its best to conduct the most comprehensive and exact researches with incurring as less expenses as possible. This way, we can offer better prices to our customers to retain more loyal customers and act in ways that reflect our values truthfully.
In addition to all this, sustainability and cultural significance are some of our other missions too. Due to this we work to showcase our culture in our work as extensively as we can. Also, all our initiatives and tasks are undertaken in sustainable ways, keeping check of the externalities occurring as a result. Our mission hence is to cater to our clients’ demands in ways that are not just cost-effective but highly ecological too.

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The figure of the architect

The figure of the architect is highly sought after: working as an architect in Australia means increasing the possibility of transferring outright to Australia, also receiving a good salary compared to Italian standards. Italian architecture and design are very popular in Australia and fortunately the role of the architect is one of the professions that appears in the Skilled Occupational List . The list includes the role of Architect and Landscape Architect. From Italy it is very important to bring all certificates issued by schools, universities and training courses and the portfolio to Australia . 

The ‘ English it is a fundamental requirement, both to be considered in the candidacy phase, and for the eventuality of a work sponsorship (the goal for those who want to approach the residence). It is therefore advisable to attend a good English course and to certify your level with an IELTS , CAE exam (preferably IELTS). To convert the Italian degree, you can refer to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia . 

This step is decisive if you want to get a sponsorship otherwise it is not mandatory for the general job search. In addition, registration in the Register of Architects ( Royal Australian Institute of Architecture) is mandatory In this case you need to take exams; this process can last a few months, so it is preferable, if you already know you want to do it, to start it before you leave. Depending on the result of the exams, they may or may not require an integration to the course of study carried out in Italy All documents submitted to Australian authorities must be accompanied by an official NAATI certified English translation – National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. 

 there are Master’s degrees and PhD’s (research doctorates). Masters usually last two years but PhDs last three years. You can also take VET Architecture courses at institutions such as the TAFE.

Working as an architect in Australia

The change will always remain an integral part of the interviews that will be made, but next to it, I will try to add more and more information material , which can help the Italians who decide to come and live in Australia.

In the last interview published, that of Benedetta , we also talked about her work as an architect here in Sydney .

Among the many questions, I also asked her for some tips that could be useful for an Italian architect , who right now is thinking of coming to live a life and work experience here in Australia .

Among his suggestions, the importance of knowing work software also emerged , because it is a requirement that companies often ask for. Among those you mentioned are Autodesk Revit and Archicad .
But I did not stop at his advice, because I also went to see Giulia Scotti , an immigration agent, regularly registered with the Migration Agent Registration Authority , asking her, at a general level, for some legislative advice .

With her we hypothesized two kinds of architects interested in living an experience in Australia : one just graduated with no work experience, under 30 years and the other one instead, with a couple of years of work experience behind them.

Obviously my intention, with this video, was to give general information to all the architects interested in experiencing life in Australia.

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