Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Knowing the condition of the house you are about to purchase will help you save yourself some troubles and some funds too. The only way you can get a comprehensive building inspection report is through a qualified building inspector.

Pre-purchase inspection report

It is a report you get from a qualified building inspection before you buy a property, also known as standard property report. It is a written account of the general condition of a property before the sale. It depicts any significant defects the property may have like cracks on the wall, rising damp, faulty roof, safety hazards to name but a few. It is done before the sale contract is exchanged between the buyer and the seller to help in valuation and factoring in the cost of repairs to be done on the property.

A building inspection is slightly different from a pest inspection report. Building inspection report seeks to identify visual defects, while pest inspection report seeks to ascertain the presence of pests in a property. It is ideal to get both reports before making a purchase deal.

Why is the inspection report necessary?

There are reasons why you should get an inspection report of a property before buying it. One being, for you to know the pre-existing problems of property and factor in the cost of repairs. Knowing the defects of a property will give you a mile during the negotiation table. You will get specialised advice on how to deal with the major problems the property is presenting and how to deal with them in the future if they recur. A building and pest inspections report is one thing you never want to make a purchase deal without. It is handy for both the seller and the buyer – mostly the buyer.

Choose the right building inspector

As an aspiring property owner, choose the most qualified inspector with a license, indemnity professional cover and adequate professional experience in the field. They will have skills to look through the cosmetic improvements used to cement defects and faults that could otherwise be difficult for an untrained eye to unearth. Choosing the right building inspector is handy because they hand you the version of the report in a Lehman language for non-technical people to understand.

Centre of interest in building inspection

If you hire a building inspection professional to undertake the inspection of a property, the following areas should form the basis of the final report:

–          The interior of the building

–          The exterior of the building

–          Roof space

–          Roof exterior

–          Underfloor space

–          And the site

You may also be interested in; signs of asbestos problems, electrical safety switch availability, operable smoke alarms in the building.

What a building inspection report must have

First off, it should contain the address and the name of the current property owner and the reasons for building inspection, scope and date of inspection. It should have a summary of the overall condition of the building and a summary of the major defects the property has, taking into account the type and the age of the defects and the building itself.

A building inspection is done solely to help buyers make an informed decision when buying a property and not meant for negotiation purposes or as compliance with the laws and regulations related to property. It is not to be used as insurance for future defects.

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