Carpentry Courses as a Career Goal

A skilled trade involving shaping, cutting, and installing building materials for both commercial and residential buildings is known as carpentry. Carpentry courses ensure learning the theoretical and practical aspects of the trade. Taking carpentry courses helps you learn useful and safe methods for using a wide range of power tools for construction and building.

If you want an extremely gratifying, highly-respected, and well-paying job, a career in carpentry might be the right career path. The carpentry profession is a creative, fun, and challenging career goal for anyone.

The definition of Carpentry

The creative way of making things from wood including repairing, erecting, renovating, constructing, and installing a variety of structures perfectly defines carpentry. The various projects carpenters typically handle include:

  • Join, work, and cut timber
  • Build flooring, frames, and decks
  • Make anything from moulding, cabinets, formwork, furniture, and countertops

Available Carpentry-related Jobs

Some of the available carpentry-related jobs include:

  • Woodworker
  • Joiner
  • Finish carpenter
  • Boat builder
  • Lead carpenter
  • Trim carpenter

Getting Started

Investing in quality carpentry courses is the right move whether you have handyman skills or want a career in carpentry. The academic and training offered by carpentry courses ensure gaining next-level skills in carpentry.

Certificate III in Carpentry

The duration of the course is 12-24 months. Entry requirements include:

  • Have an overall minimum IELTS score of 5.5
  • Prepared to complete 360 hours of work experience or vocational placement
  • Have completed year 10

Outcome upon graduation:

  • Start working as part of a team in a building project
  • High-proportion of projects both for joiners and carpenters
  • The demand for carpenters has moderately risen in the past five years
  • The average working hours per week is 44
  • Pay is good for full-time carpenters

Building Design Diploma

A career as a draftsperson, building designer, or architectural technician is both challenging and rewarding. Opting for a Building Design Diploma equips you with the right knowledge and skills to enable you to work, handle, and understand all aspects of the design features and building processes.

Building and Construction Diploma

Constructing medium-rise buildings become a reality with the knowledge and practical skills learned from this course. Meeting safety requirements and deadlines and being able to effectively manage building projects become possible with the skills and training provided by the course.


A broad understanding of construction and building and skills in timber joinery is developed by studying this course. Becoming skilled in all joinery aspects upon completion includes:

  • Stairs’ design and set out
  • Design and make components for the door and window frames
  • Refurbishing of timber sashes for window frames
  • Ability to use machinery controlled by computers
  • Install moulding, lining, and panelling
  • Create, set out, and install workstations, showcases, counters, cabinets, and wall units

Some of the typical joinery jobs include:

  • Building stairs
  • Making frames for windows and doors
  • Design and create furniture

Cert III in Marine Craft Construction

Opting for Cert III in Marine Craft Construction provides you with knowledge and skills in boat building, including:

  • Study boat specifications and plans
  • Prepare scale plans and templates for the fabrication and cutting of boat hulls
  • Erect hull sections of boats
  • Install a boat’s safety equipment, decking, masts, machines, frames, shafts, and fittings

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