Do architects have a rewarding career?

There are lots of architects around, and all of them look quite excited about what they do. See, architects design as well as develop the design plans for the construction of various structures, including residential, commercial, and public structures. Besides, architects design plans for the renovation of the above structures.

Ideally, being an architect would mean embracing the depths of design generation and planning, as well as the implementation of these plans. Additionally, it means understanding the different construction materials and their applications. That makes it a demanding career.

On the flip side, architects have a lucrative career. Actually, their annual salary is high, but the exact value depends on the level of education, employer, licensing, job location, job experience, and the industry.

On average, architects earn about $80,750 a year, translating to about $52  median hourly wage. Keep in mind that speciality and location are a great determinant of how much an architect receives as payment.

Understanding Architects job

By now, you know that apart from planning, architects design buildings and oversee the construction of such structures. Additionally, they’ll provide a preliminary estimate of the total cost of construction and the time needed.

Building technology is advancing, and that makes the construction work easier. Well trained architects can use modern software to plan and design structures by feeding them with the right parameters. Computer-aided software is a huge leap in the construction industry. Architects who can use them have a greater advantage of completing work much faster than those without.

Beyond that, architects will supervise the whole construction process by visiting the work sites. This ensures that the construction process follows the drafted architectural plans fully.

Becoming an Architect

Becoming an architect is not a difficult process. However, you need to have some requirements that will make you resonate well with your design world.

Basically,  people with the following attributes might have an easy time being architects.

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Aptitude for design
  • Analytical skills
  • Logically solving problems
  • Creativity
  • Education/Training

A bachelor’s degree is the first step to becoming an architect – not just any degree, but an accredited degree in architecture. This is usually a degree in design or art with a major in architecture.

This course prepares students to design exemplary structures. It covers newer technology, which makes it easy to embrace the future demands of the job.

Get a masters in Architecture

This education level comes immediately after a bachelor’s degree, and it is a critical component for anyone wanting to be an accomplished architect. Mastering in architecture confers additional skills and knowledge that you will need in the field. Besides, it is a pre-requisite for registration to get an operating license.

Architecture is a broad field. You can choose one field to specialise. That comes with the advantage of broadening employment prospects and taking your education further. 

Many universities offer masters of architecture. The requirements to join, however, vary across these institutions. It is advisable to visit specific universities to check them out.

Getting a license

The process is quite demanding but highly rewarding. First, you have to complete a two-year program of monitored working with an architecture firm. After that, you’ll sit for an exam from the Architects Accreditation Council. When you pass this exam, you’ll be registered as an architect.

You’ll get your registration from the Architects Registration Board within your territory. Upon receiving your license, you become a full architect. Therefore, you can practice.

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