Simple Steps to Clean your Mattress

If you haven’t cleaned your mattress in a while, think again! You spend more than six hours in your bed every night; dust, sweat, dead skin cells, and oil from your body settle on your mattress. That is why you must clean your mattress every few months if you want your bed to remain fresh and stain-free. Here are the steps:

Ditch the dust

Use the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the mattress. Make sure you vacuum even the sides of the bed and do it frequently if one of your members has allergies. Steam clean the mattress with a garment steamer if you have one, holding the nozzle as close as possible to the fabric for the moisture to penetrate to kill mites lurking behind. Vacuum again to remove dead germs and mites.

Remove stains

If you love to sleep with your animals in your bed, the chances of getting stains on your mattress are high. If you snack in your bed often, there are chances for spills. Whichever the case, you need to remove stains as soon as possible. The longer they stay on the mattress, the harder they become to remove. The easiest way to remove stains is by using the furniture upholstery stain cleaner formulated to get rid of stains. To use this stain remover, spray stains lightly and dab from the outside edge to keep the stain from spreading. Rotate your cloth to pick up the dissolved stain. Don’t over wet the mattress; if the stains are all gone, sponge the area to get rid of cleaners. Then blot the site and allow it to dry well before making the bed. Suppose you have a steam cleaner that dispenses detergent and sucks up the stain the better. The one you use for cleaning upholstery can work correctly for your mattress too. Keep your mattress stain-free by covering it with a mattress pad you can regularly wash instead.

The yellow cast on the mattress is probably from the build of sweat and oils. While an overstained mattress can be challenging to wet clean without fully saturating it, you might want to try whitening it with hydrogen peroxide, mild dish liquid, and warm water.

To remove urine stain from the mattress, use baking soda, liquid soap, and hydrogen peroxide. Damp the mixture on the stained area, use a clean cloth to blot the moisture, turn to a clean place after blot to lift the stain away from the spot, and let it dry.

Freshen your mattress

If your mattress has a foul odour, you need to disinfect with a chemical that kills bacteria. You can perform this exercise in between deep cleans. It is the accumulation of bacteria that causes foul odour on your mattress, and disinfectants will get rid of them instantly. Flip over the mattress and repeat the same process on the other side.

If you cover your mattress well with a mattress protector, you might not need to clean the mattress deep. Use a protector that is hypoallergenic and waterproof. You can keep the protector by washing it every month or two. A mattress without a protector requires vacuumed every month to remove allergens, dust mites, and dead skin cells from the mattress. You can deep clean after two years of use.

Contact a professional to mattress cleaning.

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