The figure of the architect

The figure of the architect is highly sought after: working as an architect in Australia means increasing the possibility of transferring outright to Australia, also receiving a good salary compared to Italian standards. Italian architecture and design are very popular in Australia and fortunately the role of the architect is one of the professions that appears in the Skilled Occupational List . The list includes the role of Architect and Landscape Architect. From Italy it is very important to bring all certificates issued by schools, universities and training courses and the portfolio to Australia . 

The ‘ English it is a fundamental requirement, both to be considered in the candidacy phase, and for the eventuality of a work sponsorship (the goal for those who want to approach the residence). It is therefore advisable to attend a good English course and to certify your level with an IELTS , CAE exam (preferably IELTS). To convert the Italian degree, you can refer to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia . 

This step is decisive if you want to get a sponsorship otherwise it is not mandatory for the general job search. In addition, registration in the Register of Architects ( Royal Australian Institute of Architecture) is mandatory In this case you need to take exams; this process can last a few months, so it is preferable, if you already know you want to do it, to start it before you leave. Depending on the result of the exams, they may or may not require an integration to the course of study carried out in Italy All documents submitted to Australian authorities must be accompanied by an official NAATI certified English translation – National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. 

 there are Master’s degrees and PhD’s (research doctorates). Masters usually last two years but PhDs last three years. You can also take VET Architecture courses at institutions such as the TAFE.

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