Working as an architect in Australia

The change will always remain an integral part of the interviews that will be made, but next to it, I will try to add more and more information material , which can help the Italians who decide to come and live in Australia.

In the last interview published, that of Benedetta , we also talked about her work as an architect here in Sydney .

Among the many questions, I also asked her for some tips that could be useful for an Italian architect , who right now is thinking of coming to live a life and work experience here in Australia .

Among his suggestions, the importance of knowing work software also emerged , because it is a requirement that companies often ask for. Among those you mentioned are Autodesk Revit and Archicad .
But I did not stop at his advice, because I also went to see Giulia Scotti , an immigration agent, regularly registered with the Migration Agent Registration Authority , asking her, at a general level, for some legislative advice .

With her we hypothesized two kinds of architects interested in living an experience in Australia : one just graduated with no work experience, under 30 years and the other one instead, with a couple of years of work experience behind them.

Obviously my intention, with this video, was to give general information to all the architects interested in experiencing life in Australia.

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